Wigwam Plywood

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•Thickness: 6mm to 25mm
•Grade: MR &BWP
•Size: Multiple
•Colour: Wooden
•Type: Ply Board
•Make/brand/origin: India

Here’s what makes Wigwam plywood stand out:

  • Calibrated precision: Unlike traditional plywood that can vary in thickness, Wigwam plywood utilizes calibrated sheets. This ensures consistent uniformity throughout, making them ideal for applications where precise assembly is crucial .
  • Sustainable focus: Wigwam prioritizes eco-friendly practices throughout their manufacturing process. They are the first brand in India to offer solely calibrated plywood, reducing waste and promoting resource conservation .
  • Diverse product range: Whether you’re undertaking furniture construction, interior renovations, or even building projects requiring moisture resistance, Wigwam offers a variety of plywood options to suit your needs. Their product line encompasses block boards, flush doors, fire retardant panels, and pre-laminated panels for a touch of decorative flair .

Overall, Wigwam plywood caters to those seeking high-quality, reliable plywood for various construction applications. Their commitment to sustainability and diverse product range makes them a strong contender for your next project in India.



18 mm


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