Indus Plywood

Indus Plywood
•Thickness: 6mm to 18mm
•Grade: MR & BWP
•Size: multiple
•Colour: Wooden
•Type: Ply Board
•Make/brand/origin: India

Benefits of Indus Plywood:

  • Strength & Stability: Indus Plywood’s construction offers exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making it ideal for load-bearing applications in furniture, construction, and shelving.
  • Dimensional Stability: Unlike solid wood, plywood is less prone to warping, twisting, or cracking due to temperature or moisture fluctuations. This makes it a reliable choice for long-lasting projects.
  • Versatility: Indus Plywood offers a variety of plywood grades, thicknesses, and wood species to suit your specific needs. Whether you require moisture-resistant plywood for kitchens and bathrooms or fire-retardant options for safety, Indus Plywood has you covered.
  • Smooth Surface: Plywood provides a smooth and consistent surface, perfect for painting, veneering, laminating, or applying other surface finishes. This allows for a clean and professional look in your project.
  • Cost-Effective: Compared to solid wood, plywood offers a more economical option while maintaining excellent structural integrity. This makes it an attractive choice for budget-conscious projects.

Applications of Indus Plywood in Bengaluru:

With its numerous advantages, Indus Plywood caters to various applications in homes and commercial spaces:

  • Furniture Making: Plywood’s strength and smooth surface make it ideal for crafting sturdy and stylish furniture, including cabinets, tables, chairs, and bookcases.
  • Construction: Indus Plywood offers solutions for walls, flooring (subflooring), partitions, roof underlayment, and door construction.
  • Interior Design: Plywood can be used for creating decorative wall panels, shelving units, and customized built-in furniture, adding a touch of elegance and functionality to your space.

6mm to 18mm


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