Flexi Plywood

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Flexi Ply
•Thickness: 4mm to 12mm
•Grade: Flexible
•Size: 8ft *4ft
•Colour: Wooden
•Type: Plywood
•Make/brand/origin: Myanmar / Vietnam

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Flexi Plywood is a revolutionary bendable plywood that offers unparalleled freedom for designers and DIY enthusiasts. Unlike traditional plywood, Flexi Plywood can be curved and shaped to create unique and stunning designs for furniture, wall features, cabinetry, and more.

Highlight the benefits:

  • Bendable: Flexi Plywood conforms to your vision, allowing for curved designs and creative applications.
  • Strong & Versatile: Made with high-quality materials, Flexi Plywood offers superior strength and can be used for a wide range of projects.
  • Easy to Install: The unique construction of Flexi Plywood makes it easier to cut, shape, and install compared to traditional plywood.

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4mm to 12mm


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