Action TESA Ornamatte

Action TESA Ornamatte
•Thickness: 18mm
•Grade: Exterior
•Colour: According to Catalogue
•Pattern: ornamatte
•Type: MDF Exterior
•Make/brand/origin: Action Tesa, India


Action TESA Ornamatte is a series of wood panels with a beautiful matte finish. Here its key features:

Sophisticated Elegance for Your Interiors

Action TESA Ornamatte elevates your space with its super matte finish, adding a touch of timeless sophistication.

Durable and Easy to Maintain

Featuring 3H scratch resistance, Ornamatte offers superior durability, keeping your furniture looking pristine for years to come. Plus, its anti-fingerprint properties make it easy to maintain a clean look.

Limitless Design Potential

With a wide range of colors and the ability to be produced in both UV finish and super matte finish, Ornamatte offers endless design possibilities to suit your vision.

More Than Just Beautiful

Action TESA Ornamatte goes beyond aesthetics. It’s also resistant to boiling water and termites, making it a practical choice for Indian homes.

In summary, Action TESA Ornamatte combines stunning looks with impressive functionality, creating a perfect harmony of elegance and practicality for your living space.


18 mm


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