•Grade: Various
•Size: 1kg to 50 Kg
•Type: Adhesive
•Make/brand/origin: Fevicol, India

For Fevicol SH (most common type):

Fevicol SH is the go-to adhesive for all your woodworking projects and repairs. This strong, solvent-free formula creates a long-lasting bond on wood, plywood, laminates, veneers, and more. Fevicol SH is easy to use, dries clear, and offers water resistance for everyday applications.

For a general Fevicol description (highlighting variety):

Fevicol is India’s leading brand of adhesives, offering a reliable solution for every bonding need. From Fevicol SH, the trusted choice for woodworking, to Fevicol Marine for waterproof applications, Fevicol has the perfect glue for your project. Fevicol adhesives are known for their strong bonds, easy application, and long-lasting durability.

For a short and catchy description:

Fevicol: Build, repair, and create with India’s most trusted adhesive. Choose from a variety of formulas to find the perfect glue for any project.


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