Modern Wall Panelling: Exploring Fluted Designs & Cost-Effective Alternatives

Earlier, wall panelling was done by plywood and covered with either wall paper or laminate or venners.
But for the last few years, wall panelling is not just plain wall , rather it is in some form of fluted panels, there are many alternatives such as:

  • MDF based fluted panels,
  • CNC work done and either painted or membrane finish.
  • PVC/ Charcoal based
  • Plywood & veneer based
  • Solid wood based fluted strips.

The most natural of these is solid wood, which is free from chemicals.
Cost of these panels may range from Rs 250 per square ft to Rs 1000 per sq ft.
Alternative approach will be to use solid wood blocks and get it cut to size as per your need.
This option will cost around Rs 75 to Rs. 150 per sq ft. The biggest advantage is that you can get it in any size, width, finish or look as per your choice, as these are 100% customised.
You can get these in any wood such as pine, teak or beech or any other. After cutting you may give any polish as you may like , such as matt, glossy or natural.

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