The Evolution of Wood-Based Furniture: Embracing Emission-Free Boards


For millennia, wood-based products have been the go-to Choice for crafting furniture. However, the reckless exploitation of timber resources led to widespread deforestation. This environmental concern prompted the exploration of wood-saving alternatives, ushering in a new era of products like plywood, MDF, particle boards, hard boards, oriental strand boards, and finger-jointed panel boards. 

Regrettably, during this transition, environmental emissions took a back seat in discussions. It wasn’t until later that society began to acknowledge the environmental and health implications of these products. 

Fortunately, today, we have access to a new generation of emission-free boards. This development marks a positive shift in our awareness, with consumers increasingly prioritizing health and environmental factors when selecting wooden panel boards for their projects. This evolution signifies a promising step forward in sustainable and conscious furniture craftsmanship.

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