Pine wood furniture: Non-Toxic and natural alternative


Often, we face challenges while looking for wooden furniture, and choices available are solid wood, wood derivatives such as Plywood, veneer, MDF, Particle boards, or wood-like products such as laminates, etc. Solid wood after treatment against borer and termite, is the most natural form of wood which is as pure as it could be. All other derivatives may contain glue, chemicals, poison, or other harmful emission.
which may not be suitable for healthy living.
However, there are two major reasons for preferring wood-derivative furniture.

  1. Solid wood furniture is more expensive compared to wood derivatives.
  2. Solid wood furniture poses the risk of deforestation due to excessive use.

Now, we can overcome challenges by following measures such as using plantation-based timber/wood for furniture while maximizing the use of wood: which means using 90% of wood at least, which can be achieved by using small and non-usable portions in alternative industries such as corporate gift, handicraft and toys where smallest piece also can be used.

Now the question arises, which wood species? We have choices like, teak, beech, birch, mahogany, rose wood, pine family, etc. Trees take 3 years to 50 years to maturity. The answer lies in availability, tree growth cycle, seasoning, etc. More availability means more affordable. Lesser growth time means better maintenance of the forestry balance. Seasoning means the durability of the timber. Pinewood passes in all parameters as trees grow very fast and pine forests are widely available all over the world.

Advantages of pine wood:

  • Affordable
    As there are varieties of pine available and trees grow fast, the cost of pine timber/wood is affordable. Various grades of pine can be used for multiple applications from construction to value-added artefacts.
  • Lightweight
    One of the biggest advantages is this is lightweight and strong at the same time. These are suitable for engraving as well. Lightweight makes it easier for installation, movement, and maintenance.
  • Easy to paint & polish
    Pine wood is lighter in color like light yellow, white, and ivory, which makes it easier to paint and color, and highly suitable for polish and print as well.
    Further pine wood can be given the color and texture of any other wood finish such as teak, walnut, rosewood, or mahogany. Pinewood has a uniform texture, it has knots which give it distinction and a rich woody look
  • Less risk of shrinkage/Swelling due to low moisture level
    Wood naturally reacts to heat, humidity, and dryness in various seasons of the year. Wood swells in the high level of moisture and shrinks in dry weather. However, this risk is reduced in pine wood. Pine wood is naturally protected from these defects as they are more persistent in harder wood.
  • Free from Wood borer
    Pinewood does not have any taste and can be considered as tasteless wood, so these bugs/insects/borers are not attracted by this wood species. That is the reason pine wood is preferred for large storage and packaging as well.

Pine wood is the best answer when users are looking for eco-friendly, emission-free boards that should be child-safe and good for healthy living. This is also cost-effective and 100% natural at the same time. These can be customized for any use and have adaptability. These come from plantation trees and help sustainable forestry. This is truly no guilty choice for everyone. There is pine wood in everybody’s life

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