What products we offer for an Aerospace Industries?

We are happy to introduce ourselves as specialist in wood based materials for making products such as Drone, aero plane, helicopter, models, display for aero models, models for transport vehicles, robotic, remote control aero models etc.
These products are laser compatible, high calibrated and stable as well.
We understand that your company is in these activities and we can cooperate in this venture. We are working with customers from this category. We have 18+ years of experience in this industry.
Our products include, Pinewood Mdf, Birch plywood, Finger joint solid wood, Pine wood, Bamboo Plywood, Popular Plywood, Basswood Plywood & many more. We have wide range of products which are emission free and eco-friendly.
We will be pleased to draw your attention at our product catalogue enclosed herewith.
Happy to be partnering with you and helping you in any manner.

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